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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dangling Earrings: Long Dangle Earrings

Dangling Earrings:  Long Dangle Earrings

Long dangle earrings are absolutely fun to wear. I like to wear them because they make me feel like a princess.

One of the things I watch for when buying jewelry and especially long dangling earrings is the weight. Since they will be hanging from my ears, it is better to find light weight dangles.

A favorite pair for me is about three inches long with two round spheres each at the bottom of a single delicate chain. There is also a round sphere attached to the piece that goes on the back of the earring and it also has a long delicate chain with a round sphere at the bottom. This pair of long earrings gives the appearance of three round spheres hanging from single delicate chains that are all a different length. The delicate spheres and chains make these dangling earrings very light weight. They are simple, attractive, eye-catching, and a very nice accessory for almost any outfit.

Long earrings might be a combination of delicate chains, a trail of diamonds, a chandelier of cascading pearls, or graduated drops in a white gold, yellow gold, silver, pewter or other setting.

Tell us about your favorite long dangle earrings in your jewelry collection.