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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dangling Earrings: Earrings for Camping

Dangling Earrings:  Earrings for Camping

Earrings accent any outfit and there are plenty to choose from when you go camping.

Camping earrings might say "camping" on them. Butterfly or dragonfly earrings are also fun to wear when camping. Add camping trailer, canteen, sign, lantern earrings or any other item you might see while camping to your duffel bag, even pewter earrings.

Since I always have bluejeans along, I like to include a pair of blue dangle earrings in my travel bag.

You guessed it! A color-coordinated pair to go with each color of shorts goes too -- that means a pair of red dangle earrings, yellow dangle earrings, and any color that coordinates well with the color of my shorts, jacket, etc.

If you have any special activities planned for your camping trip, you will want to pack at least one special pair of dangling earrings per activity in your camping gear.

Just remember -- dangling earrings are fun to wear and you want to have fun wearing them!

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