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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dangling Earrings: Beautiful Birthstone Ear Rings

Dangling Earrings:  Beautiful Birthstone Ear rings

Birthstone earrings, or better yet, birthstone dangling earrings are a great way to accent your outfit.  They can be an attractive accessory, add the right balance of color, and they are fun to wear!

Speaking of fun, do you enjoy what you are doing, and are you having fun?  After all, happiness is not a destination -- it is a way of traveling!  If you agree, then wearing earrings that you like that make you feel good is one way to make life more fun!

These beautiful ear rings also make great gifts for friends and relatives.  If you know a person's birth month, you can always find the gemstone for their birthday.

Gemstone earrings can be gold earrings, silver, or have metallic trim, etc.  They might be flower earrings, big hoop earrings, or long earrings, offering many different shapes, such as heart earrings, pear shape, or round.

Likewise, gemstone dangle earrings can be gold dangling earrings, silver, metallic, etc. They might also be pearl dangling earrings or dangle diamond earrings with a birthstone added.

Are they cheap dangling earrings?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  More importantly, these dangling earrings for women are usually affordable.

See the list below to find the gemstone for your birth month: 
      • January Birthstone - Garnet
      • February Birthstone - Amethyst
      • March Birthstone - Aquamarine
      • April Birthstone - Diamond
      • May Birthstone - Emerald
      • June Birthstone - Pearl or Alexandrite
      • July Birthstone - Ruby
      • August Birthstone - Peridot
      • September Birthstone - Sapphire
      • October Birthstone - Opal or Tourmaline
      • November Birthstone - Citrine
      • December Birthstone - Tanzanite  

Take a moment right now and search our stores on this site for birthstone dangling earrings for your month, and see if you find any that you like.

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